Unusual Facts About The Olive

1. It is scientifically proven that the olive tree is one of the most ancient on the planet, it turns out that even in primitive society they were able to eat its fruits;

2. The olive tree lives from three hundred years to two thousand years, in some regions there are trees that are three thousand years old, it’s amazing, right?

3. The cultivation of the olive tree began in ancient Greece. They learned how to marinate olives in salt and squeeze out oil. And even then it differed in grades;

4. The ancient Greeks commonly used olive oil to moisturize the skin constantly;

5. Olive tree was considered a symbol of purity by the Greeks, so before the wedding, the girl was rubbed with oil, and a wreath of branches was put on her head;

6. Hercules, according to legend, wielded a club in his exploits guess which tree? Then he planted an olive tree in Olympia. From its branches and wove wreaths for the winners of the Olympic games.

7. The biblical dove, sent by Noah from the ark to search for land, returned one day with an olive branch in its beak, that is, it was the first plant on Earth after the flood. This is a symbol of the Lord’s mercy;

8. In Egyptian mythology, the olive tree was a gift to mankind from the Supreme goddess ISIS;

9. In Catholicism, the olive branch has become an attribute of the Archangel Gabriel, on many Italian paintings he comes with it, and not with a Lily to the virgin Mary to deliver the good news;

10. Green olives contain 113 calories per 100 grams, and black olives-172.