How to store olive oil

- Shelf life with proper storage is from one and a half to three years, depending on the time of harvest and the variety of olives, or its blend. The product does not lose its useful properties, but remember: with each opening, there is a natural parting of the oil with its smell.

- The started bottle should be tightly closed and not kept open at all for too long, as the product oxidizes and also absorbs foreign odors.

- Direct sunlight is detrimental to olive oil. Do not take oil from the store that was on the shelf by the window and do not store it in the light at home either. Light causes oxidation and rancid taste.

- If you chose olive oil in a tin can, that won't be a problem. However, neither on the window nor at the stove can this jar be placed to avoid overheating. Ideal conditions are a dark place with a temperature from 14 to 18ºC.

- Do not store olive oil in the refrigerator. The fats contained in it are liquid, when the temperature drops, they freeze, forming white flakes. So you can check the naturalness of the product you bought, but you should not keep it in the refrigerator all the time.

- Small containers are recommended for daily use. In every house in Spain, there is a small glass jug with olive oil on the table, and they also serve olives in it, which guests eat with special skewers in anticipation of dinner.