Safe enteral nutrition

A new study found that restricting food intake to a 10-hour interval per day can help prevent chronic metabolic diseases. The obvious symptoms are excess fat around the waist, high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Such people are usually advised to count calories, exercise and eat right, but who really observes this?

It turns out that you can just eat at the interval most suitable for digestion. When food is consumed late in the evening or in the early morning, it interrupts the normal metabolic cycles of the whole organism. A time-limited diet aligns food intake with the circadian (cyclic) rhythm of the body, the metabolism becomes healthier, and beneficial substances are metabolized more efficiently.

Circadian rhythms are genetically embedded in us. But if you live in conflict with them, it leads to health problems. Healthy sleep, light hygiene, nutrition and exercise are very important. After 22 hours, the human intestines are practically not functioning, and the liver stops producing enzymes to convert calories into energy. Eat at the latest 4 hours before bedtime and within 10 hours before this mark. Extra Virgin olive oil can additionally help to cleanse the liver. It also has other useful properties: it lowers cholesterol, cleanses the walls of blood vessels from plaques, prevents the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, improves the activity of the entire digestive tract.