Olive oil strengthens the immune system

What are the usual ways to consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Surely, you are filling a salad with it, perhaps making marinades, watering toast? Perhaps you drink a spoonful of oil sometimes to cleanse the intestines. Did you know that real high-quality olive oil protects the immune system from viral attacks no worse than vitamins?

It has been repeatedly proven that olive oil is rich in polyphenols — antioxidants that protect cells from destruction and increase the body's resistance and relieve inflammation.

It scares everyone that viruses affect the immune system, but in fact our body is constantly fighting for its survival with an aggressive external environment. The skin, tonsils, tonsils, lymph nodes, spleen and even the appendix are all part of the immune system.

A healthy person does not need to stimulate the immune system and is even harmful, except for diagnosed acquired or congenital immunodeficiency, of course. But it is still necessary to maintain and strengthen the immune system, because when the body needs all its strength to fight the virus, even caries or some neglected sores will waste a resource on themselves.

In case of infection with coronavirus or any other, our task is not to interfere with the immune system to cope. Any new virus is a "stranger" to our immunity, which is why antibiotics do not work. When it gets on the nasal mucosa, the immune system is instantly activated and the body begins to produce specific antibodies. At this time, we are lying with a fever and a stuffy nose. If the body is weakened and cellular immunity is not strong enough, then the virus penetrates further into the lungs, pneumonia begins, which is already more difficult to cope with and it is necessary to be hospitalized.

Do not forget that proper nutrition is a very big part of immunity and the decision is up to you to take care in advance to meet the virus in full readiness or not.