Olive oil anesthetizes

Everyone knows that Extra Virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is actively used in catering patients with various diseases. However, recent studies of oleic acid conducted in Japan have shown another side of olive oil. More than 3,000 people took part in the medical experiment. It turned out that the use of oleic acid relieves inflammation and partially anesthetizes.

The effect of this rare substance is similar to the effect of ibuprofen, and it turns out that 50 grams of oil corresponds to 10% of the adult dose of ibuprofen. Of course, this is not much, but scientists are of the opinion that even such low doses of an anesthetic have an effect.

Extra Virgin olive oil also relieves pain when applied externally. To relieve pain with the help of essential oils, you can use compresses, baths and massage. And cold-pressed olive oil is recommended for composing the massage mixture.