Nutrition for longevity

Scientists were always tormented by a question: what if there is one secret component in the Mediterranean diet that provides longevity? This means it is necessary to find it, allocate, produce it in the form of tablets, and then everyone will take them and live long and happily. University clinic of Barcelona tried to find this Holy Graal of eternal life by scientific methods.

The famous therapist Ramón Estruh has chosen 7000 people from the patients of clinic, those who already had heart troubles (due to natural causes, and also in connection with smoking, excessive weight or diabetes). All were divided into 4 groups randomly. The first group ate whatever they wanted, the second group's diet was lowered in the amount of fats, to the third the Mediterranean diet was prescribed strengthened by four tablespoons of olive oil a day, and the fourth group was on the Mediterranean diet plus a handful of nuts daily. In all groups, except the first one, people ate fish instead of red meat.

Five years later the tremendous result has been published. It has turned out that the low content of fats improves health, but but not significantly. But the Mediterranean diet literally does miracles: the olive oil presence has reduced mortality by 25%, and nuts – by 30%! In five years the third and fourth group had the least number of heart attacks and strokes. Olive oil and nuts very significantly reduce this risk, approximately by 30%, but at the same time it is necessary to remember that these two products aren't panacea. Your diet has to remain low-caloric with small amount of meat, regular physical activity is also necessary.