The Mediterranean diet is the best again

U.S. News & World Report for the sixth year in a row calls the Mediterranean diet the best in the world, as well as the best plant-based diet, the best scheme for a healthy diet, for the whole family (ages) and for bone and joint health. The commission consisted of 33 experts, including doctors, nutritionists and scientists from leading research centers and universities in the United States. They rated each diet in 11 categories, including short-term and long-term weight loss, ease of compliance, and food safety.

Other diets, such as keto, Atkins’ and raw food, have fallen out of favor due to their complex rules and lack of sustainability.

The reasons for the popularity of the Mediterranean diet are quite simple. You eat delicious, whole foods. This is backed up by decades of research showing its health benefits in various conditions. It is healthy and there are no exceptions for any food groups/specific products. That is, this type of food is stable and pleasant. It's a lifestyle.

Following a Mediterranean diet can have a huge number of health benefits. Scientific studies have repeatedly demonstrated its ability to control diabetes, reduce obesity, reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent cancer, to name just a few.

Foods high in fiber and whole grains and a moderate amount of healthy fats of olive oil – that's the whole simple secret of such success.