« Maestro de Oliva, quality Spanish produce »

You can find excellent quality, reasonably priced olive oil and table olives under the Maestro de Oliva brand. To demonstrate this quality throughout all of our brand’s products we have received many independent European awards. Thanks to these in many countries our products are the number 1 in sales.

Our brand belongs to the company Olive Line International S.L. which is based in Madrid (Spain). Here we promote the best Spanish produce throughout the rest of the world. We work with top quality olive oil, table olives, tuna, vinegars or pickles.

Our company has extensive export experience and our brand Maestro de Oliva is sold in over 20 countries, like for example Russia, Ukraine, China, Poland, United States, ex-Soviet Republics, Latin America, etc. We are one of the largest wholesale export experts in Madrid and as a result of which we have been given the prize by the Chamber of Commerce. We bring the best Mediterranean diet to the rest of the world.


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« Our Awards »

The iTQi Superior Taste Award is a unique international recognition of taste quality. This distinction certifies that the awarded food and beverages meet or exceed the quality expectations of the members of the iTQi jury, made up of 120 distinguished European chefs, sommeliers and beverage experts. The products are assessed blindfolded to appraise their merits following a strict sensorial analysis process which ensures absolute neutrality.

On 17 April 2007 the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the CEIM (Madrid Business Confederation) awarded us the prize for the project with the biggest boost to exports in the region of Madrid (Spain). Olive Line International exports the largest amount of olive oil and green olives to Russia and Ukraine.

The Fundación Española del Corazón (Spanish Heart Foundation) declares that the Maestro de Oliva (Extra Virgin) brand olive oil has beneficial health effects such as: Circulatory system: helps to prevent arteriosclerosis and its consequences. Digestive system: helps the work of the stomach, pancreas, liver and intestines. Skin: protects and tones the skin. Endocrine system: improves metabolic functions. Bone structure: stimulates growth and favours calcium absorption and mineralisation. Due to its vitamin E content and its antioxidant effect on cell membranes, olive oil is recommended for all age groups from infants to old age.